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Tasha Picciarelli, MS, CNS

University of Bridgeport

"Kim Ross is an excellent mentor, very engaging and welcomes open communication. She’s always there if you need anything or have any questions regarding treatment protocols and supplements for a particular condition. Kim supplied us with a variety of client handouts for different conditions. She offered business advice and walked us through what she has experienced as a CNS and a business owner. She goes the extra mile and give tips that she incorporates into her treatment protocols, what works and what to avoid. Kim is a great listener and offers helpful feedback. I’m grateful she was my mentor, it has helped me tremendously with my nutrition practice regarding how I create treatment protocols and my approach when consulting with clients. Further, when you complete your internship, she’s still there to answer any questions you might have."


Eleanor Yomtabian-Askari, MS, CNS

University of Bridgeport

"Kim Ross is one of the best supervisors one could ask for!  She is knowledgable, organized, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. Her vision, resourcefulness and responsiveness help me excel in my practice.  I am thankful for her availability at all times.   What I enjoyed the most was the group work we had with other CNS candidates.  I learned a lot during the group conferences.  I strongly recommend working with Kim.  She is a gem!" 


Bri Mesenbring, MS, CNS

University of Western States

"The guidance and consultation expertise that Kim provided was crucial to build my confidence as a nutritional professional.  Kim helped to break down challenging cases into “first steps” and always encouraged me to take a step back to look at the clients needs. I would also like to say how affordable Kim’s mentoring program was, especially being a student still in school and fresh out of school. These mentorship programs can be pricey, and I appreciate Kim’s mindfulness around this factor. I would highly recommend Kim as a mentor for nutrition professionals fresh out of school to start on their journey to certification. She is professional, educational, business savvy, funny, and encouraging, among other qualities. Thank you, Kim, for a great experience!"

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