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Thank you for visiting. 

After 13 years of being in clinical practice, I have made a professional decision to reduce my work hours and professional commitments. 


As of January 1, 2023, I am no longer providing clinical services* or mentoring services

through Nutrition Team with Kim Ross. 

*if you are a current client with consultations remaining in a package, all remaining consults will be fulfilled. 

To all of my clients---Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healthcare journey. 

For those who are looking for nutritional consulting:

Here are some providers I am delighted to recommend to assist you in your health and nutrition goals:

                                       Nicole Feehery-Alpuerto, CNS, LN                     Annie Hilchen, CNS                                

                                       Mana Life Nutrition                                                  Being Well Specialists                                 


                                       218-380-7180                                                             616-490-0280                                                

                                       Stephanie Bosco, CNS                                            Niti Shah, CNS

                                       The SuperFood Goddess                                         Back2Basics Functional Nutrition with Niti


                                       310-927-5129                                                             972-514-7956


                                       Vanessa Lara, PhD, CNS, LDN/LN                         Patricia Kaufman, PhD, CNS, LDN/LN

                                       Well with Ness Functional Nutrition                        Purple Greens


                                       contact via email                                                         847-340-9075

                                                            Complimentary nutritional consulting services are also available through

                                                                      Sonoran University's Virtual Center for Personalized Nutrition.

                                       You will work with MS Clinical Nutrition graduates who are earning their 1,000 hours of supervised

                                       experience to earn their CNS credential.  I have served as a Supervisor to CNS Candidates for many

                                       years and continue to serve as a Supervisor to these amazing CNS candidates offering care through

                                       Sonoran University.  You will be in great hands!


You can also search for:

         ~Certified Nutrition Specialists using the ANA's Practitioner Finder tool 

         ~Functional Medicine Providers using the IFM's Find a Practitioner tool 


Supplements can still be purchased through FullScript and Metagenics. 

For those who are looking for CNS Supervision:

I serve as a BCNS-approved supervisor at Sonoran University's Supervised Practice Experience (SPE). Whether you need to complete all 1,000 hours or a portion of your hours, Sonoran University's SPE Program can help you achieve this! Learn More!



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