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Meet Lauren Hemington

My Story

My interest in nutrition started early. For as long as I can recall, food has occupied a significant portion of my thoughts. I cherish the warmth of cooking at home with loved ones, the sense of community formed over shared meals, and the excitement of trying new restaurants in town. Feeling well-nourished and energized after a lovingly prepared meal brings me immense joy. However, food has also consumed a considerable part of my mental space due to some disordered eating during my teenage years and twenties, driven by a desire to maintain a specific, low weight. I've observed my mom navigate her own complex relationship with food, stemming from her modeling career in her twenties. Our personal relationships to food are constantly evolving, but I fully believe that food is medicine and a critical part of overall health and wellness.  

I feel very innately aware of how food impacts my health, energy levels, mood, and brain power. And having personal struggles with my health, including IBS, PCOS, low iron, and fatigue, I have an insatiable desire to learn about how we can best be proactive in our

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own health and wellness. I think there is nothing worth fighting for more than the health of ourselves and those around us – as pursuing health and wellness is an act of self-love that enables us to show up more confidently and effectively in our relationships, jobs, and pursuit of life goals. It is the best foundation to build a quality life. 

I grew up in the Bay Area, in a southern suburb of San Francisco, and currently live in SF. Although, I have lived in other areas throughout my adult life (South Bend, Indiana, Chicago, IL, and NY, NY) and feel fortunate to have spent time in a good portion of the United States (I've been to 42 different states!), SF feels like home due to the strong community of friends and family that I have built here. After an almost ten-year career in accounting, I received my MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. I am currently working towards the CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist) credential and also working with Project Heal and VERY Health, organizations specializing in eating disorders. I also hold a Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Notre Dame. 

My favorite things to do in my free time include reading (fiction and health/wellness), cooking, running along bodies of water, hiking (in Marin!), enjoying a hazy IPA, hanging out with my little dog Jojo, and spending time in all the beautiful SF parks.

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My Experience

Education and Certificates

  • Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, University of Bridgeport

  • Masters in Accounting, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business

  • Bachelors in Accounting, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business

  • Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Certificate in Nutrition Science, Stanford Center for Health Education

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