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Nutritional Genomics

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Will a high protein diet help you with weight loss? Is a gluten-free diet right for you?  Do you need to limit caffeine intake? Will you benefit from avoiding lactose? Do you have an increased need for one or more nutrients?

Your genes can affect food preferences, eating habits, food intolerances, nutrient metabolism, and weight management. 

If you are curious how your genes can influence your dietary choices or how they can be used to guide the foods you should consume or avoid for optimal health, this program may be ideal for you.

Upon signing up for this program, a genetic test will be mailed to you. This cheek swab genetic test examines 77 different genetic markers that will help customize a nutrition and lifestyle plan, allowing you to “eat according to your genes.”

While we are awaiting the results of the genetic test, your program starts with a 60-minute initial consultation during which time Dr. Ross completes a detailed review of your symptoms, goals, and health history.

The combination of the initial consultation along with your genetic test results will allow Dr. Ross to create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan for you.  This plan and your genetic results will be reviewed in the next consultation, which can last up to 90 minutes.

The program also includes four (4) 30-minute follow-up consultations to monitor your progress and provide support as you implement your nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Additional Details

  • Follow-up consultations may be conducted by Dr. Kim Ross or one of her team members.

  • Supplement costs are not included in the program.

  • The cost of the genetic test ($418), interpretation of the findings, and a printed copy of the genetic report are included in the program package price.

  • Upon booking your appointment and prior to the mailing of the genetic test, a deposit of $518 is required.  Prior to the initial consultation, payment in full is requested for this program. If a payment plan is needed, please contact Dr. Ross for options and arrangements.

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