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Ross Nutrition Team

Nutrition Transformations, Education, and Mentoring

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Dr. Kim Ross has been in the nutrition profession since 2007, working with clients, aspiring nutritionists, professional supplement companies, nutrition organizations, and universities.  

Ross Nutrition TEaM Services
Transforming, Educating, and Mentoring

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One-on-one nutritional consultations  focused on hormone health (PMS, menstrual irregularities,  post-hysterectomy nutrition,  peri and post-menopause, thyroid and adrenal health), mood regulation (anxiety, depression), sleep disturbances, and GI health (poor digestion, bloating, etc.)

We conduct all consultations via telehealth, so you can work with us regardless of where you live (with some restrictions). 


Our team members are passionate about education!

Our personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans, blog posts, recipes,

e-newsletters, and online educational programs, are based on scientific research, not fads or popular marketing hype. Enjoy some of our materials whether you decide to work with us or not!

Dr. Kim Ross is also available to present at professional conferences and webinars.  


Dr. Kim Ross offers Supervised Practice Experience (SPE) supervision for CNS candidates looking to earn the 1,000 hours of supervised practice experience that the credential requires. Whether you are looking to earn all your hours or only need to fulfill partial hours, there are options that can suit your needs. 

CNS Mentoring is also available to those who have already earned their CNS and need some guidance along the way. 

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