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Mentoring and Supervision

Dr. Ross has been providing mentoring and supervision to future Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) since 2017. 

At the present time, Dr. Ross is supervising CNS Candidates through Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (SCNM) Supervised Practice Experience (SPE) program.  While this program is currently only available for graduates of SCNM's MSCN program, there are plans to open this program to graduates of other nutrition programs in the upcoming year. 

To be notified about this opportunity, please complete the interest form below and you will be added to the email list to be kept up to date on this program offering. 

*Your email will only be used for updates of the SPE Program. 

I am interested in the SPE Program for CNS Supervised Hours.  Please update me on the details as they become available.

Thanks for your interest!

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